Monday, June 29, 2009

Trip to Macau

I do not expect this overseas trip to be a big hullah as my we are going there and just staying in the Venetian altough it is a very big hotel as well as a shopping mall.

On the second day, we went around the hotel looking for the play room call "The Qube" and it have alot of games including Xbox, Wii and a giant playground. After we were settled, my mother left us with our maid and went to do the sole reason she comes here a few times a year: To play jackpot.

Our breakfasts were delicious as we ordered room service but lunch was adequete as we ate at the food court. For dinner we ate at a chinese and japanese restraunt.

The last night,me and my brother watched a plane crash show and we were actually afraid of the return trip tommorrow. But luckily, we arrived home safely.

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