Monday, June 29, 2009

The last day

The last day of holiday is always a horror for those who experience holiday. I wanted to bring down or burn something but i ended up going to chinese swimming club with my cousin. While the adults were in the karaoke room,we played arcade,psp and swimming. We spent about more than two hours in the pool. Ah well, I guess good things come and go. I cannot wait to go back to school.

Trip to Arvin's house

Me and Joshua went to arvin house to do some last minute work. I went to the school where we were suppose to meet in a taxi. Poor Joshua had to run all the way there. At his house, we were constantly licked by his two adorable dogs, too bad i could not have a dog for two reasons.

1:I cannot take care of pets.
2:My mother is afraid of dogs

Other than that we ahd a good day!

Transformer revenge of the fallen

On the day it was released, we immediately went to watch it in the morning. After a MCDonald breakfast, we mad our way to watch it. It was the best show i have watched in a long time! Regardless of H1N1 nothing will stop me and my brother from watching it!

Gathering party

My mother's friend organised a gathering party at her condominium and some my mother had not met for twenty two years! There were alot of children too, including my best friend.While our parents were busy chatting, we were playing among ourselves.

Later, while we were playing water gun,my friend shot water at another friend who was cycling nearby. We like to agitate him as we always fight hand-to-hand against him. And the outcome was disaterous,he got off the bike in rage and went to push my brother into the pool which had a seat at the side, luckily my brother was unhurt. everyone angry now, we fought among each and by means using the water gun and we all ended getting hurt. But even with the adult's arguments i will still fight with him.

Later while swimming, my friend who always acted like a hero became a zero.he jumped off a ledge and landed in the wrong position and broke his right leg which i heard a few days later.This tells us to not take unneccesary risk.

Trip to Macau

I do not expect this overseas trip to be a big hullah as my we are going there and just staying in the Venetian altough it is a very big hotel as well as a shopping mall.

On the second day, we went around the hotel looking for the play room call "The Qube" and it have alot of games including Xbox, Wii and a giant playground. After we were settled, my mother left us with our maid and went to do the sole reason she comes here a few times a year: To play jackpot.

Our breakfasts were delicious as we ordered room service but lunch was adequete as we ate at the food court. For dinner we ate at a chinese and japanese restraunt.

The last night,me and my brother watched a plane crash show and we were actually afraid of the return trip tommorrow. But luckily, we arrived home safely.

Starting of holidays

Holidays again. And for the last five years i have been doing the same thing every holiday: eat, sleep, play and otherwise go overseas. Completely NO work except for school holiday homework.

This holiday I expect to be very much the same and we are also going to Macau but me and my brother are very excited because Transformer:revenge of the fallen is going to be released soon and we are going to watch it regardless of H1N1 virus.

My favourite place

My favourite place is Wild Wild Wet as it is so fun!I went there quite a few times and it is really different from five years ago, and i think it is better!

My last trip there was really fun as i finally "make" my brother overcome his fear of slides. I kept on convincing him that the slide is not scary and he actually enjoyed it!

We like the O La La ride the best as it is the second scariest slide and it rocks!

World Hunger

I think that the main cause for world hunger is because of Global warming.For example,most of the poor lands which is like africa,is already very hot and arid and it is getting worse.the people there cannot farm because of the land.

If we prevent Global warming from getting worser and provide them thematerials they need,i think thst we might be able to save hundreds of people from dying each day.