Monday, June 29, 2009

Gathering party

My mother's friend organised a gathering party at her condominium and some my mother had not met for twenty two years! There were alot of children too, including my best friend.While our parents were busy chatting, we were playing among ourselves.

Later, while we were playing water gun,my friend shot water at another friend who was cycling nearby. We like to agitate him as we always fight hand-to-hand against him. And the outcome was disaterous,he got off the bike in rage and went to push my brother into the pool which had a seat at the side, luckily my brother was unhurt. everyone angry now, we fought among each and by means using the water gun and we all ended getting hurt. But even with the adult's arguments i will still fight with him.

Later while swimming, my friend who always acted like a hero became a zero.he jumped off a ledge and landed in the wrong position and broke his right leg which i heard a few days later.This tells us to not take unneccesary risk.

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