Sunday, September 13, 2009

My love for books

Many people call me a bookworm,but i do not care.Books are my source of entertainment and it helps to open my mind.I have tons of books,i like adventure books and books about mediaval times.I prefer books that have many pages,for if there is only about a hunderd pages,you might as well not read it as they cut the story short.these are a few books i would like to recomend:

1.The Pendragon series
3.Chronicles Ancient of Darkness

Me and my friend have an affection for these books,after one of us had read it,we would lend each other the books that either of us do no have.For if after you read a book over and over until your bored of it,you would leave it on a shelf,forgotten.So it is best to share your books with your friends and spread the love of books!

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